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How to Price a Home in Toronto’s Fall Market

Location and price – that’s what gets buyers’ attention. And, since you can’t change your home’s location, you’d better price it right.

“After location, price is what drives them to read the description, look at the photos and then book a viewing,” says Doug Workman, who runs Hughes Workman Realty, Keller Williams, with partner Julie Hughes. “Price it too low or too high and prospects are wondering about the story behind that price.”

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8 Tips to Navigate the Volatile Greater Toronto Housing Market

Before you consider buying or selling in the GTA, you need to look well beyond the media headlines, because while certain facts will always be true, they are spun a certain way to get your attention.

“The more sensational and extreme the headline, the more eyeballs the story gets – keep that in mind when reading about real estate, then do you own research,” says Julie Hughes, who runs Hughes Workman, Keller Williams, Toronto, with partner Doug Workman.

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Toronto Residents Cashing Out for a Resort-Town Lifestyle

Imagine leaving the big-city rat race to live in a much more affordable community with great music, restaurants, art and easy access to Georgian Bay and the Blue Mountains.

A small but growing percentage of the GTA’s six million residents have been doing exactly that as prices have steadily increased year over year and they ponder their high-stress lifestyles while stuck in traffic that extends well beyond the traditional rush hours…

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