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Rent Your Home With No Concerns

The HWRT is a full service realty team. We help property owners sell their great homes, find amazing new ones and rent and manage their investment rental properties.  We let you sit back and focus on your own responsibilities, while we get to work at doing what we do best – finding these amazing homes, staging your home for the highest sale and finding the best tenants for your property.


Rentals: We service all types of residential units, whether it’s a condo, single family home, townhouse, multi-residential property.  If you have an investment property that you would like to have rented, or even if you have a tenanted property that you would like us to consult on, we would be happy to help!


Service options we can offer:

1) Help you find and screen your tenant and let you take it from there;

2) Help you find and screen your tenant as well as manage the full tenant process


Tenant Locating & Selection


No owner wants their unit to stay vacant, but it’s also important to choose the tenant that will pay the rent on time every month and take personal care of the unit.   We will:


  • Advertise your property through 300+ search engines
  • Coordinate all showings 24/7 as well as work with current tenants for showings
  • Show your property to all interested prospective tenants
  • Conduct thorough credit, employment, reference, past residence and security checks
  • Negotiate the terms of the Lease, Prepare the lease, Ensure the terms are met especially scenarios specific to your needs
  • Have the tenant provide first and last month’s rent upon signing, and 10 post-dated cheques and any security deposits
  • Confirm Utility transfers where required
  • Confirm proper tenant insurance is in place
  • Arrange key exchange or meetings with you (owner)
  • We can arrange and co-ordinate inspections
  • We can keep your identity obscure so that all ongoing tenant dealings are filtered through us

If you live out of town or have personal obligations that make it difficult to tend to tenant needs, we can help   manage them on your behalf.